Agreements & Licenses

Here are a few common agreements


You are the sole owner of your images, artwork, and videos that you upload to our platform.

Our Use

PicPicGO may have access to use your images across its platform including but not limited to its apps, services, marketing but anyone else must pay for them



All images must obey the laws of your city, state, and country. Also if your images were to breach the agreements of this platform then it is your responsibility. 

Your Entitlement

If we pursue any infringer of your protected work that we receive up to 10x of the price of the image and you will receive at least half of this

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Commercial/Marketing Model Releases

You have model releases for any recognisable people included within the images

Commercial/Marketing Image Control

You have the ability to control where your images appear across the world by selecting city, state, and country

Commercial/Marketing Commercial Usage

Control of commercial products in which the image/artwork is used.


The images will be available for use in print advertising, out-of home advertising, broadcast advertising, and display advertising use in advertising


The images will be available for use in merchandising and retail product packaging


You have complete control of pricing and if someone wants to use them you are offered this price

pixanomy License


Single Use

Personal Use

Editorial: Print, Online, broadcast

Any Size & DPI

In House Editorial Use

Unlimited Distribution

No Expiration

Corresponding online/offline content trails & social media

pixanomy License


All of Editorial/Personal

Can be Use in Marketing

Newsletter, Emails, Promotional

Social media advertising & promoted posts

Brochures & leaflets

All promotional materials

Unlimited sizes, distribution, placement, perpetuity

One time licence transfer

pixanomy License


All of Editorial/Personal/Commercial

Single use or single campaign

Print advertising

Out-of-home advertising

Broadcast advertising

Display advertising

Multi-channel advertising


Retail product packaging

One time licence transfer


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